White Widows’ debut EP is just perfect if you totally need to punch out some idiots

white widows
It’s Friday (at least it is the day this is being posted), and there’s not a better day of the week to blow off some steam. The work week just ended for many people, we all worked our asses off, and we need a little release. That’s where White Widows come into play.

Having a nice slab of metallic hardcore to get your juices flowing when they are at their lowest level, or to help you get some of that pent-up anger and frustration out of your system, can be a fine thing. These guys answer the bell repeatedly when it comes to drumming up something to make you want to hurl a lamp at a wall (or a person), and their debut EP sounds like what you’d want blaring from your car speakers as you try to drive home at the end of the week as you deal with hundreds of assholes who drive like they’ve never been behind the wheel of a car before.

white widows coverWhile White Widows is a new band, the people who comprise the unit are no rookies. Vocalist David Castillo also plies his trade with Primitive Weapons (and also the St. Vitus Bar, that runs Sacrament Music); guitarist Nick Emde plays with The Destro; guitarist Travis Bacon also calls The Grudge home; drummer Kenny Appell also has Goes Cube and Cleanteeth on his resume, and bassist Brian Ponto rounds out the lineup. These five songs captured on their self-titled debut, which is being released digitally today, are furious, mean, aggressive, and remind me a lot of the hardcore bands that popped up in the early ’00s before the scene got watered way the fuck down. If you, too, found your emotional release in that era, by all means see if this EP suits you.

“Ace Rothstein” (yeah, DeNiro’s character from “Casino”) opens the record with a thick bassline, pissed-off, throaty screams, and catchy, crushing  melody lines that are as infectious as they are unforgivingly violent. It’s a killer open. “El Marrano” starts with a line lifted from, of all movies, “Airheads,” and from there they go into full demolition mode and smash everything in front of them. “Slow Burn” has industrial-smoked drums and effects, sludgy guitars, and a chaotic, muddy servings of thrashing that should get some faces punched live. “New Pollution Group” is DIY-hall ready, where merch tables and people outside the pit are in just as much trouble as those getting their asses kicked, and the Southern rock-friendly guitar work gives the song a dirty feel. “Sin Taxes” is defiant and also has some of that same swampy guitar work as “Pollution,” dumping a whole lot of spice into this metallic stew. Closer “Collateral Damage” is chunky, punchy, and agitated, and it’s an excellent way to top off this debut collection, because you’ll feel like you need a breather on the sidelines when it’s all over.

Nothing gets overthought here, these guys aren’t trying to get all fancy with experimentation, and chances are they don’t care if this doesn’t sound pretty and proper. They’re here to plug in, get loud, and melt your fucking face. It’ll make you feel better after a bad week or a bad day and will let you live vicariously through their rage. You require that sometimes, so when you’re in need of an outlet, it’ll be a nice day for White Widows. (I am so sorry…).

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/whitewidowsNYC

To buy the album, go here: http://sacramentmusic.com/collections/all

For more on the label, go here: http://sacramentmusic.com/


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