Genocide Pact unleash violent, guttural death metal on their killer debut record ‘Forged…’

Genocide PactThe metal of death is not supposed to be complicated, pretty, or well-polished. Yet, that’s exactly what’s happened for the most part. People see dollar signs and a way to make this disgusting beast into a feasible commodity and, before you know it, teen apparel stores nationwide are stocking shirts from bands that claim to feast from the death teat.

Luckily those bands remain that want to keep the medium ugly, puss-filled, and close to the freshly shoveled graveyard. D.C.’s Genocide Pact is one of those, and their no-frills debut record “Forged Through Domination” is a visit with the good stuff. There is no spit shine here, no attempt to be welcoming to the masses, and only an intent to keep things as bloody and destructive as possible. Made up of members of Disciples of Christ and Red Death, this threesome is heavy, miserable, and in just the right frame of mind to make the most ardent of death fans happy. The guys responsible for this thrashing is guitarist/vocalist Tim, bassist Nolan, and drummer Connor Donegan, and their first burst of infamy is a concise, well-played 26 minutes of death that is dosed just right and does ample damage.

Genocide Pact coverThe album opens with “Induction,” a riffy, muddy, chugging first cut that sets the scene for carnage and keeps building on the ugliness. The band begins mauling harder as the track goes, with the throaty growls rumbling, and it makes for a nice initial blast of doom-fed death. “Agnogenesis” charges and pounds from the word go, and the punishing thrashing dealt out here meets up with a scorching section of soloing and lathering bit of clubbing that feel calculating and full of ill intent. “Submission Reigns” is much of the same, in that it’s a piece that feels like it’s wailing away at your chest and, as its title suggests, hopes it can make you tap out to the pain. The vocals are lurching and menacing, and toward the end of the song, the pace kicks up hard and drives you headfirst into a wall. Painful. “Desecration” pours feedback that pierces the eardrums, and the tempo is a little muddier than what preceded it. The track feels monstrous, and the fiery riffs that emerge let the song have an even greater impact and leave you with a nice bit of bruising.

“Despotism” launches itself right at you, proving itself to be the heaviest thing on a record that’s pretty full of mashing tracks. The band later hits a pretty nasty groove, proving there is some swagger with their chaos, and the vocals absolutely rumble over top of you, leaving your body flat. The final minute is full of a renewed sense of speed and a hearty helping of blasts. “Menial Subsistence” takes its time with its battery, definitely taking its shots and knocking you for a loop, but doing so in ways that lets you get back to your feet before another body blow. There are some classic guitar parts built in, and that section leads toward the final moments where devastation is unleashed. Closer “Experiments in Nihilism” launches feedback and a sludgy background, leading the way into gruesome vocals and slow-driving horror. Out of that mud, the tempo erupts, the band starts killing anew, soloing explodes out of the din, and the band lets the violence bleed out and away.

No need for a long, fluffy essay on this record. It’s simple, brutal, and a nicely timed slab of death metal that never overstays its welcome. “Forged Through Domination” is a fitting first entry into the world for Genocide Pact, and it’ll get your ass kicked whether you’re listening on headphones or witnessing these beasts in a live setting.

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