Human Bodies, Leather Chalice team up for vile, abrasive new split effort that may maim you

Bodies Chalice splitNo one wants to do anything on a Monday. No one. People who tell you they’re super ambitious on a Monday are liars. Period. They’re lying to you to seem all motivated and all that garbage when, in reality, they’re dying inside just like you are.

That in mind, we won’t try to force you to tackle an entire full-length release today. But we will take you on a trip through a gnarly new 7” split effort offered by Broken Limbs that pits Leather Chalice and Human Bodies like two angry vipers trying to get at one another and do as much damage as possible. This four-track effort is heavy, nasty, and should make you get in touch with all the disgust lining the bottom of your entrails that makes you want to lie down and give up. And look, the thing is not even 10 minutes long, so it’s not like you can’t find time during your busy, annoying day to bathe in filth and get some perspective for your life. So quit being a baby and just listen to this.

Human Bodies

Human Bodies

We’ll start off with Human Bodies portion of this display. This band hailing from Boston only has been together for a couple of years now, but they’ve already brought a lot to the table as far as recorded material goes. Human Bodies already have three demo recordings, a full-length, and a compilation out there, and the two tracks we get here continues their black, infernal intensity that’s slowly making its way across the world. The band currently consists of guitarist/vocalist Terzakis, guitarist/vocalist Gabe, bassist Jason, and drummer Dan, and they’re just at the beginning of their reign of terror, one that could result in them being one of the deadliest bands in underground metal.

Human Bodies’ section (recorded during the sessions for their full-length “No Life”) kicks off with “Only the Sigh,” as noise torment rips across everything and the track tears open with intensity. There is a chaotic haze that is nicely washed out, maniacal vocals, and thunderous power that walks a border between punk and black metal. A fiery bit of soloing emerges and leaves streaks of blood, and it spills right into “Malice Prepense.” “Carve the arms of the ones who cause mistrust,” is howled, as the pace blisters, the shrieks are harsh and callous, and the band hits a nice thrash pocket that will leave you devastated. The riffs are mighty here, their personality is gruff, and they allow their noise assault to fade out into the night. It’s but two songs and just a few minutes, but Human Bodies have struck a chord and should keep piling up kills from here.

For more on the band, go here:

Leather Chalice (photo by

Leather Chalice (photo by

Leather Chalice also are here to challenge you, grate you, rub your face in whatever it is you call metal, and do it all with an attitude that borders on reckless. The New Hampshire-based one-man black metal project, helmed by Jann, has been around just a year longer than Human Bodies and have a mess of recordings out there. There are two demos, an EP, their full-length “Sweet Perfume of Coffin Air,” and a slew of split releases with bands such as Caught and Sumpt. This music is frightfully noisy and smothering, with a bunch of influences of metal’s past woven into the wasp swarm of noise. Their tracks here are part of a “Coming Home” duo and they are perverse, disturbing, and violent songs that could shake the uninhibited, or just the unadventurous, to their core.

We kick off with “Good Intentions” that has wild shrieks, thick riffs, and a damaged sense of NWOBHM power looming behind the thick smoke. The guitar tones are weird and otherworldly, making you feel like you’re the one whose head should be questioned, and the words that swirl in a rage should make you feel anything but comfortable. “Last Gifts of Worship” follows, a tale of torture, sex, and blood, a disturbing combination that make some shiver at its filthy recollections. Yet this music is meant to be ugly, and it is every step of the way, from the crazed growls, to the grinding tempo that feels like being hit and ground to bits by a car, to the punk thrash riffs that rise up and, as quickly as they arrived, fade out. Leather Chalice leave very little to the imagination, and considering the road they’re on, they could become one of the most feared, reviled black metal bands out there. Check this split if you know what’s good for you.

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